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How To Apply Foundation As Done By A Party Makeover Artist

A Party Makeover Artist can make you look drop dead gorgeous in a few hours. The makeup begins from the base or foundation. How do you know your foundation is perfect? It is when your friend comments on how wonderful your skin looks?

How does party makeover artist create a base?


The task of the foundation is to make your face have an ethereal out of the world glow. It must never be too chalky or whitish.

At first, the makeup artist will lightly swab your face with a cleaner. This will remove any residue of previous makeup and make the skin clean and dirt free.

After he has cleaned the face, he will apply a moisturizer to the face and allow it to remain for about 10 minutes and become absorbed into your skin.

The most usual trick of a party makeover artist is to find the perfect hue of foundation. It is best to try the color on the jawline where the sun does not strike it. But beware that matching color of the foundation on the jaw and back of the hand is not going to give a clear idea. The color of the face, neck, and hands are very different.

It is not only the matter of perfect matching of shade but also the texture. If you have dry skin, the makeup artists will apply liquid or cream based foundation. Those with normal skin are most blessed since they can use liquid or cream or powder as they wish. However, those with oily skin can use only powder. The beautician will take care that the mix of powder and oil does not lead to cracking on the face.

After the tint is chosen, he will apply a liquid foundation with a short thick brush. The use is mostly with swift circular movements and tiny dabs for more troublesome areas. Creams foundations are put on with light strokes, and powders are daubed lightly on the skin.

How is the foundation finished off by makeover artist?


After the base is applied, it is best to put on some excess powder and let it remain for a few minutes. Any excess will then wipe away by the party makeover artist. The foundation does not need to cover the entire face but only strategic areas. For the most natural look, makeup artists apply foundation where most necessary and will often use a concealer for trouble spots.

The foundation can never look streaky. It usually does so because the skin needs hydration. The makeup artists will quickly buff the foundation into more troublesome areas such as around the nose region with a smaller brush.

The principal trick he uses is to dab and never to swipe or smudge. Finally, a damp makeup sponge can work wonders to help finish off the application of a foundation.

After it is done the lipstick and eye shadow will follow in due course. But this first step takes the longest and it most tiring. But it is the one that also makes you look most beautiful.

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