Best Bridal Makeup Artist

Look special with best bridal makeup artist in Durgapur

It is the culmination of your romance and the big day has arrived. You will be married today in an eternal bond. It is essential that at this vital juncture you look your best with the help of Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Durgapur.

The make-up of the wedding day must be balanced and bright – the bride must be radiant and her make-up perfect. For the big day, it is essential to choose the right products, from the foundation to the lipstick. All the cosmetics used must be long-lasting, and mistakes are not allowed

All eyes will be on the bride who will have to be beautiful and her make-up impeccable throughout the day. For bridal makeup in recent years, the trend is to focus on a natural, delicate and luminous make-up even if the important thing is that it is in harmony with everything else.

How does best bridal makeup artist in Durgapur help you become attractive?

The makeup mostly consists of your hair and face. The day begins with a facial. The best facial for this purpose is an astringent one using besan mixed with lemon juice and cream. Leave it on for an hour, and it will make the skin tauter.

The other thing to take of is that your fingers are perfectly groomed and manicured. Put on a vibrant shade of nail polish and allow it to make your hands look splendid.

On D-day, the eyebrows must be impeccably shaped and perfectly drawn. Entrust your eyebrows to best bridal makeup artist in Durgapur who will redraw their natural line with tweezers.

The best bridal makeup for lipstick and eye makeup

The shade you choose for the lipstick must be in harmony with the rest of the make-up but also with the details and the mood of your wedding. One of the rules to always keep in mind is to choose the lipstick following your beauty habits.

If for example in everyday life you never apply lipstick, don’t bet on a red because you might feel uncomfortable and, maybe even unintentionally, touch the lipstick and make it smudged. On the contrary, if you are used to intense colors, you will hardly be able to appreciate a nude lipstick.

Then choose a shade that reflects your personality and your habits. For example, you can combine the nuance of the lipstick with your saree if it has dominant colors.

It is essential to choose a shade in perfect harmony with the rest of the make-up- if, for example, you have selected an eye makeup in shades of pink and have combined a blush of the same tone, avoid applying an orange lipstick. The colors most commonly used for weddings are pastel, from flesh-colored to light peach, but also fresh colors like coral and bright pink, but also reds are not to be discarded.

Eye make-up should be sophisticated and bright.  It is better to avoid excessive and flashy colors, but the eye shadow should last until the end of the festivities without smudging, fading or accumulating in the crease of the eye.

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